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Reading is like an adventure to me. As I turn each page, I anticipate with excitement what the author will say next. Sometimes I’m encouraged, convicted, challenged, argumentative, or even confused. As 2021 approaches, maybe you have set a goal to read more in the upcoming year, but you’re not sure where to begin. Here are 25 books I’ll be focusing on for the year and my hope in sharing these books is to help you develop your reading plan for the new year.

1.) The Bible

Of all the books that are on the list, this is THE book to read. The bible is just as living, breathing, and active as it was years ago. If you never read the bible or not sure what version to read, I would suggest the English Standard Version Study Bible, The Holman Christian Study Bible, or the Jesus-Centered NLT Bible, which I’ll be reading from in 2021. Of all the books I recommend you to read, this is the most important one, not because this book will save your life, but the One which whom the bible is about has saved your life.

2.) Voice of the Victorious: The One That Can Lead To True Freedom by Sarah Zoe Kainos

This book is personal to me because my wife and I personally know the author of this book. It’s taken her two years to put together her testimony to share with others on how the Lord’s voice is the one that provides freedom in all aspects of life.

3.) The Ideal Team Player: How To Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues by Patrick Lencioni

Years ago I read Patrick Lencioni book, The Five Dysfunction of a Team, and this book caught my attention as I continue to grow and enhance my leadership skills.

4.) Politics of Ministry: Navigating Power Dynamics and Negotiating Interests by Bob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman, Donald C. Guthrie, and Steven Garber

In the last two years, I’ve learned that others will not always agree with your decisions or try to have their own interests in ministry. I’ve read from others that this book has helped them when dealing with these struggles.

5.) Preaching In An Age of Distraction by J Ellsworth Kalas

If you’re a preacher/teacher of the Word, you know how difficult it can be, especially when a majority of people are distracted by technology. I’m hoping this book well provide insight on how to not view technology as a distraction, but a tool to help while preaching God’s word.

6.) Gospel Centered Discipleship by Jonathan K. Dodson

All Christians are commanded by Jesus is make disciples, but the following question remains, “Is our discipleship making gospel centered?”

7.) Knowing God by J.I. Packer

While I heard of the late J.I. Packer, I never read or listened to any of his work. I’m looking forward to reading his perspective of what it means to be in relationship with Christ.

8.) Holiness by J.C. Ryle

This book was given to me as a gift from my friend Tim for my birthday in August of this year. While I didn’t take the time to read it this year, based on the conversations I have had with Tim about this book, I knew it was a must read for 2021.

9.) Lectures To My Students by Charles Spurgeon

Have you ever thought “I wish I was a student under (fill in the blank).” Charles Spurgeon has been my “fill in the blank” and I’m looking forward to reading what he taught his students during his time.

10.) Brothers, We Are Not Professionals by John Piper

I’ll be honest, I struggle when ask what my “profession” is because I don’t think of what I do as a profession, but a calling from the Lord. I’m looking forward to reading Piper’s take on how “professionalization” has plagued the church.

11.) Jonathan Edwards: A Life by George M. Marsden

Jonathan Edwards is considered one of the most influential preachers during the birth of America and I’m looking forwarded to reading how God used him during what was considered a “turning point” in history.

12.) Letters of Samuel Rutherford by Samuel Rutherford

Have you ever wondered what some of the greatest leaders thought or went through personally? This book gives an inside look of the life of Samuel Rutherford.

13.) Wise Counsel by John Newton

Has anyone ever come to you for counsel because they assume that you have “the answer”? In that moment, did you have the thought “I hope that was good counsel?” I know I have and I’m looking forward to reading on what Newton considers “mature and wise counsel”.

14.) Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life by Orrin Woodward

I’ve had the privilege to attend numerous conferences that Orrin Woodward spoke at and had the opportunity meet him in person. While I’ve read this book before, I believe this book is a guide to help us make resolutions that can change the way we live our lives and to make an impact in our communities.

15.) Personality Plus by Florence Littauer

If you haven’t recognized it yet, I want to inform you that we are not all the same. Since we aren’t the same, that means we act and communicate differently. This book helps readers understand how each of us are created uniquely and how to create better relationships with those who may not see the world the same way we do.

16.) The Family Life of a Christian by Ajith Fernando

A friend once told me “Don’t destroy your marriage on the altar of ministry.” This book is to remind leaders who their first love should be and how to balance life between the ministry and their family life.

17.) Spiritual Gifts: What They Are and Why They Matter by Thomas R. Schreiner

The bible mentions spiritual gifts that God has provided, but there are times when we may not understand what they are and how these gifts help expand the Kingdom of God. This book is to help those understand the power of the spiritual gifts God has given.

18.) The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller

This book is a good read whether you are married, engaged, or thinking about marriage. Tim and Kathy Keller provide a vision of marriage is to be from a biblical standpoint.

19.) I Call It Hersey! by A.W. Tozer

I’ll confess, I love a lot of Tozer works! I found this book at a thrift store for twenty-five cents and I’m looking forward to this commentary from 1st Peter.

20.) Time For Confidence by Stephen J. Nichols

Let’s face it, not everyone agrees with what the bible says. In fact, a good portion of society rejects God and those who follow Him. This could make us fearful at times, and I believe with all that has happened in 2020, this book can help those who feel like their confidence has been shaken.

21.) Sticky Teams by Larry Osborne

Larr Osborne serves as a teaching pastor and elder for North Coast Church out in California. His book is to help those in a leadership position in a church to communicate their staff and volunteers effectively to make sure all are on the same page.

22.) Praying Life by Paul E. Miller

We’ve heard the statement, “Prayer is powerful”, yet do we believe it? If we do believe it, are we living a prayerful life? This book is to help people understand why a praying life is crucial to our relationship with God.

23.) Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas

Becoming a father is something I look forward to, but also recognize the importance of raising the next generation for Christ in my own household. Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned one, this book can be a great tool to help you raise your kids.

24.) Jonathan Edwards On Revival by Jonathan Edwards

We all want “Revival” but what is it from a biblical point? In Jonathan Edwards book, he discusses what true revival looks like when we allow the Spirit of God to move.

25.) Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer

Have you ever wanted to change your life and feel frustrated? Have you ever made promises that come up empty? This book is to help readers understand the true change comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Do you have a reading plan for the new year? Any of these books spark an interest in you to read? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

-Michael A. Kubus

Podcast Launch!

I’m excited to announce that MAK: Defending The Faith Podcast is set to launch! The official date of the launch is January 4th, 2021. Tomorrow, Monday December 21st, an introduction to the podcast will be available! Click the link above and subscribe so you can get notified when it comes down!

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