Pray, Preach, Participate

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With two weeks into 2021, it doesn’t seem like things are calming down anytime soon. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What Am I Suppose To Do?” Mike takes the time to discusses the urgency of praying, preaching the gospel, and serving our communities. Check out this week’s podcast “Pray, Preach, Participate.”

-Mike Kubus

Book of the Month

This month’s book of the month is close to my heart as my good friend Sarah Zoe Kainos released her first published book “Voice of the Victorious”. If you are someone who has dealt with severe trauma or work with people with severe trauma, this book is a must read! Check below for more information about the book!

In this, her first published work, she shares her long sojourn from the miry pit of a childhood replete with complex trauma and evil~ to the healing heights of the life giving arms of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The journey is heart wrenching and filled with many a valley. The voices we experience along life’s way truly do have profound effects on us. That will be clear throughout this memoir.


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