Reading Adventure 2021

Reading is like an adventure to me. As I turn each page, I anticipate with excitement what the author will say next. Sometimes I’m encouraged, convicted, challenged, argumentative, or even confused. As 2021 approaches, maybe you have set a goal to read more in the upcoming year, but you’re not sure where to begin. HereContinue reading “Reading Adventure 2021”

Stand Strong

Let’s face it, 2020 isn’t the year any of us planned. In fact, for many it’s been an exhausting and tiresome year. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, social issues, and the U.S. Election, and not to mention our own personal problems, many are running on empty. As a reader, you probably can relate. As we approachContinue reading “Stand Strong”

Podcast Launch Date!

I’m excited to announce that MAK: Defending The Faith Podcast is set to launch! The official date of the launch is January 4th, 2021. As preparations for the launch are in full swing, I want to let you as followers know what to expect. On Monday December 21st an introduction to the podcast will beContinue reading “Podcast Launch Date!”

From Hating Books To Loving Books

I have a confession to make. There was a time I hated reading. Growing up, I was turned off by reading because I was self-conscience of reading out loud. Due to that, I skimmed the books I was suppose to read in my schooling or just guest on the answers for a test. When IContinue reading “From Hating Books To Loving Books”


I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of food during this Thanksgiving weekend, especially when it comes to sweets! One of the things I do during this season is prepare for the new year. Last night I was up journaling and writing down some ideas, especially when it comes to the contentContinue reading “Changes”

“Something Needs To Change”: A Must Read Book

I don’t do this often, actually I don’t think I’ve ever done this, but there is a book I encourage everyone to read! “Something Needs To Change” by David Platt is a book that depicts David’s week long adventure in the Himalayas. Throughout the book, David is real and authentic. He talks about some ofContinue reading ““Something Needs To Change”: A Must Read Book”

The Importance Of Prayer

Let’s be honest, all of us who proclaim to be Christians have had moments/seasons when it was hard to pray. David, who was considered “a man after God’s own heart”, went two plus years without praying to God (Read 1st Samuel 27-30). The disciples of Jesus Christ couldn’t stay awake in the garden when JesusContinue reading “The Importance Of Prayer”

The Danger of Treating Pastors As Celebrates

This past Sunday, Senior Pastor John Decker of Morning Star Fellowship in Quakertown PA, made a statement that treating pastors as celebrities is dangerous to the church. After he made this statement, I immediately thought of Acts chapter 14:8-18 when Paul and Barnabas were upset that people treated them as “gods”, to the point theyContinue reading “The Danger of Treating Pastors As Celebrates”