Below are some teachings by Michael, who serves as the Student Ministry Pastor for Morning Star Fellowship Church in Quakertown Pennsylvania. Morning Star Fellowship Church is lead by Senior Pastor John Decker. For more information about the church, please visit

What is the Church?

“We aren’t called to go to church, we are called to be the church.” In this sermon, Pastor Mike discusses the importance of being the church and what that looks like according to the bible.

Who is The Holy Spirit?

There are a lot of misconceptions of who the Holy Spirit is and isn’t. In this sermon, Pastor Mike discuss who the Holy Spirit is the importance He has in our Christian walk.

Fun in the Sunday

In his 4th of July Sermon, Pastor Mike discusses where true freedom comes from.

Grad Sunday: What’s Next?

In his sermon to the Senior Class, Pastor Mike encourages the graduates to walk in the Lord and resist the system of the world.

Creation: Where Did Life Begin?

The attack on creation is an attack on our Lord.” The Bible clearly sets out the days of creation with their details and importance. This is part of our foundational belief system. What do we believe about the creation as a whole? In this sermon, Pastor Mike examines the account of creation found in Genesis 1-2:3 and the importance that THE CREATOR HIMSELF places on the creation of mankind and our value.

The Time Is Near

JESUS IS COMING! Pastor Mike shares the importance of being ready for the return of Jesus Christ.

What You Seek Is What You Get

Jesus tells us to ask, seek, and knock, but what should we be seeking for? Pastor Mike shares 5 treasures we should seek after and why they are important to living the Christian life.

Praise in the Midst of Pain

Is it possible to praise God in the middle of a storm? When everything is going wrong? We learn from King David in Psalm 42 that we can. Pastor Mike shares about the loss of his daughter and how he learned to praise God, even in his darkest moments.

From Death to Life

Are you dead inside? Have you fallen away from hope, love, and God? Pastor Mike looks at the book of Ephesians and teaches how God can give us a new life.

We Are At War

Pastor Mike shares the importance of understanding the spiritual war that is currently taking place.

Suit Up!

Are you ready to go to battle? Every day we go to war against evil forces telling us we are not good enough, we are not worthy, we are weak. We fight against lies that are meant to steal, kill, and destroy. But God has prepared us for those battles. Pastor Mike shares how to fight with the armor of God.

Who is the Church?

Do you ever wish life had an instruction manual? In this sermon, Pastor Mike explores the letter Paul wrote to the early church in Ephesus, teaching them how to live.

How To Keep Your Joy

Pastor Mike talks about the five experiences for keeping your joy as discussed in the book of Philippians.

Joy in the Midst of Anything

Pastor Mike teaches the first chapter in the book of Philippians and discuses how Paul wants the church to enjoy rich relationships and fellowship with one another.

Hearing and Doing the Word

Pastor Mike teaches the importance of applying the Word of God to our lives daily.

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