The Next Generation

Do you have something that you are so passionate about that it keeps you up late at night? Is there a question that is always in the back of your mind? I know for me, I’ve always been haunted by Judges 2:10, which states; “And there arose another generation after them who did not knowContinue reading “The Next Generation”


Over the last three weeks, we have been discussing the sovereignty of God and how we can trust Him through the peaks and valleys of life, by briefly looking at the life of Job. This week, I had the opportunity to interview my good friend, Reverend Joshua Birchfield, as he shared his testimony on howContinue reading “Perseverance”

Growing in Our Faith

Surprise! I have an extra blog for you this week! This one is short, but I want to promote a tool that can help you grow in your faith. The All Grace Outreach is a non-profit organization that designed to touch and nourish the hearts of all Christian denominations of faith. The talks are targetedContinue reading “Growing in Our Faith”

Where is God?!

“Have you considered my servant James?” “Have you considered my servant Rachel?” “Have you considered my servant Tim?” “Have you considered my servant Sarah?” “Have you considered my servants across the earth?” We live in a time right now where there is a lot of anxiety, fear, doubt, and a feeling that things are inContinue reading “Where is God?!”