Stand Strong

Let’s face it, 2020 isn’t the year any of us planned. In fact, for many it’s been an exhausting and tiresome year. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, social issues, and the U.S. Election, and not to mention our own personal problems, many are running on empty. As a reader, you probably can relate. As we approachContinue reading “Stand Strong”

The Danger of Treating Pastors As Celebrates

This past Sunday, Senior Pastor John Decker of Morning Star Fellowship in Quakertown PA, made a statement that treating pastors as celebrities is dangerous to the church. After he made this statement, I immediately thought of Acts chapter 14:8-18 when Paul and Barnabas were upset that people treated them as “gods”, to the point theyContinue reading “The Danger of Treating Pastors As Celebrates”